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Found 5 results

  1. It may be small and not steep, but they are snow making and grooming magicians! Starting this in honor of one of my favorite threads on epicski.com. It was started in 2006 and has been going strong through the 16/17 season with 1360 (and counting posts). The mountain closed in April after a fantastic season. They made significant investment in their snowmaking capabilities and it showed. For its proximity to Boston and surrounding suburbs it really can't be beat. I usually hit the WA up one night a week. Looking forward to next season!
  2. My son will turn six next jan and eligible for the dev team, snow masters program (https://www.wachusett.com/Learning-Center/Programs-for-Kids/Development-Team.aspx). Has anyone done this with their kids before? I am interested in it for him, but a)not sure if he'll be ready (they say min level 4 - not sure what this means at wachusett), and b) not sure how they group the kids (i dont want him to be with a bunch of older kids as he will likely be one of the youngest in the program). I would be interested in hearing member's experiences, both good and bad, from those that have first hand experience with the program. Thanks!
  3. Hi Folks, first time poster. I'm interested in signing up my 5 year old for group lessons (Polar Kids?) or a private lesson at Wachusett. This is his 3rd season skiing and he's comfortable skiing the blue trails. The lessons aren't cheap, so I'd like to make the most of the lesson and find a seasoned instructor who is experienced in working with younger kids. There aren't any bio's posted, and it seems like they assign you to whomever is available on that day? Any suggestions on how to go about being matched with a seasoned and/or certified instructor, or specific instructors would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Skied this morning at Wachusett, basically 8:30 - 11:00. Crowds were basically non-existent (I think I waited behind groups getting on chairs about 4 times in total, no more than one group at a time). One route down off each of the quads: Monadnock - Indian Summer Polar - Conifer Minuteman - Challenger The theme of the day was: Cover was not actually that bad, snow was decent. Some icy spots, but overall, quite fun. Temps were climbing in the morning, and after about 9:30, most of the hill had softened nicely. I quit at 11:00 when my skis started to get sticky on the slushy snow on Challenger. A bit frustrating, as I had just waxed them... Think it might be time for a stone grind for better structure. Here's a trail by trail rundown with photos: Started my day over on Indian Summer to get the legs moving... Trail was not quite full width, still need to make more snow over there: Snow was good, very carvable, fun groomed snow. From there, moved on over to Conifer. Conifer skied very well, with some icy exceptions. Namely, the pitch before the first road crossing was pretty firm early on. Interestingly, the pitch just after the road was GREAT. Nice and soft, deeply covered, easy to throw a turn everywhere and get nice edge hold. I found the right side of the trail to be better pretty much the whole way down. Some snow has been made on 10th Mountain Trail, but it needs quite a bit more before it can be opened. Way more has been produced on the top third above the road vs. the bottom two thirds, which is quite patchy: I took a quick walk to the observation / fire tower at the summit and had some nice views all around: From there it was over to see what Challenger had to offer. Challenger was in great shape and consistent good snow from top to bottom. They've even built a sizable terrain park in the flats above the NASTAR start house: Below the start house, the trail got a bit narrow, but still skied quite well: Ralphs looked to be about 90% there, I don't think it will take much snow making before that (re)opens: Here's a shot to see how much snow has been made where it crosses over the road higher up... this seems to be the choke point right now: Finally, Ollie's looked in pretty good shape. I did not bother to ride the carpet to check out the snow: It could definitely use more snow to go full width, but what they had was more than sufficient for the volume it was seeing today. I think the biggest negative about skiing Wachusett right now is that the Polar base area is disconnected from the Minuteman base area, you have to take your skis off to walk between the two. Monadnock is connected to Polar which helps the experience a fair amount. Hopefully snow-making friendly temperatures will return soon and they can get everything patched together. It was a good few hours on skis this morning and I was glad to be able to get out.
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