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Found 20 results

  1. It's time to start thinking about the 2nd annual NMS Spring Fling to be held in Lot C at Wildcat. Last year was a lot of fun!
  2. Today is a 10 at the Cat. Tip it and rip it. No wind. Temps 12 base, 14 summit. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  3. Pretty outstanding conditions all weekend. There was a crowd due to school vacation week, but nothing like what you'd see in VT or Attitash. Maybe a 10 minute wait before noon. Arrived early, skied hard and spent most of Saturday in the trees under insanely clear skies and no wind. Did a few laps in the T Brook, Roost, Bonus woods, and Schuss trees. All were full of snow and amazing. The natural trails were very good as well. Made a few new friends on the lift and showed them around the mountain- they were pretty thrilled. Sunday we lapped the triple due to half the chairs being put on the quad and running on what seems like diesel power for some reason. More time in the woods and on the natural runs. Took a lap or two in the Elevator Shaft (a pleasant surprise) and Wild Kitten trees.
  4. Despite what looked like a full parking lot (and then some!), the crowds were fairly light and spread around the mountain very well. Most everything ungroomed skied very well; save for the wind blown bits at the very top of the steeper trails. Woods were incredible- loads of snow in them and even a few fresh lines to be had. The ticket promotion on Sunday attracted a lot of folks so that caused 5-6 minute lift lines, but they all seemed to go home around 11:30. We skied all day and enjoyed every bit. Only took a couple of photos because it was so enjoyable.
  5. Epic powder day. As usual, Cat tracks out fairly quickly, but some very amazing snow fell all day long and was seemingly endless everywhere on the mountain. Just like no friends on a powder day, there are no pictures wither. So long as it doesn't rain much, its going to stay really good up there.
  6. Showed up a bit late to the 'cat on Saturday. Was greeted with beautiful skies through Franconia notch and some very good snow on the hill. Sunday was more of the same awesome. Black Cat was decently filled in- as was Feline and Hairball. Outstanding weekend after the mid week storm. Cannon was also blowing a butt ton of snow on Sunday. Cannon back there somewhere. Black Cat Franconia Notch
  7. Fantastic conditions- looked like more than 5" fell there last week. Even got to play in the Brook a bit. There was an amazing sunset on Saturday night, too.
  8. Very warm out, but the snow never really softened up. The hill is still well covered, but firm. Fast. There were a lot of whales ready to be pushed out on the lower mountain on Cheetah, Bobcat, and the run out. Trees would've been a bad choice, but the best snow on the mountain all day was under the tomcat triple. The sun came out around 1pm and the view of the presidentials was pleasant.
  9. I wasn’t able to make it out this past weekend so I started my season with a nice 2100’ skin and ski of Wildcat. Trip up was pretty easy up polecat. The ski down was a lot of fun. Nice soft spring skiing down lynx. Felt like a day in mid April. Natural was pretty deep in places. Great way to start the season for me. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  10. Never too early to kick this off I suppose. Discuss any off season improvements Looking fwd to getting in 15-20 days at the Cat next yr on my Peaks pass
  11. Hi, I'm off work from March 10-18 and plan to head up to VT/NH for some skiing, mostly using my Max Pass, which I haven't deployed this year as much as I thought I would. I haven't been plugged into New England weather or conditions much, and am seeking any feedback on my plans, such as better alternatives or general comments on conditions. I like spring skiing and understand the conditions will be variable; just trying to make the most of my time and Max pass. The current plan is to work my way north, hitting Stratton and Okemo for a few days (maybe stray from the Max pass and visit Magic just because I've not been there before) and then head up to Loon. I have a ticket for Wildcat on the 16th that I bought for crazy cheap on Liftopia, and I've not been there either). I've got come cheap, hostel-type accommodations lined up, but they are easily changeable if need be. I still have five days at Killington on my pass, but was thinking of saving those and seeing if I can get a late-spring weekend or two in before the season ends. (Though it looks pretty catastrophic out there right now). What say you New Englanders; will this strategy get me some decent turns, or should I adjust anything? Thanks!
  12. Brian Heon, the General Manager of Wildcat Mountain, has agreed to do an Ask My Anything series on the condition that it's not an open-ended commitment. I'll be collecting questions for him, and submitting them in one batch. I'll give everyone until November 30 to post their questions here. After that, I'll send them to Brian for a one-time response.
  13. Having a discussion with my son (who knows everything?) and was trying to figure out how I could have a slope of 28 on White Heat at Sunday River and a slope of 27 somewhere at Wildcat today. Any ideas?
  14. What are the chances Wildcat will be open tomorrow with the wind in the forecast?
  15. Wildcat is auctioning off the available mugs for their mug club. It is a blind auction that is open until December 6. The mountain will keep the first $55 of the price to cover the regular mug fee. The remainder of the proceeds will be donated to the Wildcat ski team and the Ability Plus adaptive program. There are about two dozen mugs available. Word is that there are already some unreasonably high bids. This is your chance to get a mug if the price is right!
  16. Good day at Wildcat today. They reported 7" and it may have been that in drifts...was pretty windy at times. Spent most of my time with my almost 5yo son. Bobcat was getting the gun assault all day. All whaled up and some moguls on skiers right which was down to dirt in spots. It should all get smoothed out nicely once they decide they have enough snow down. Lynx was icy, though didn't hit it until Noon so probably was nice first thing. My wife had the front of her skis run over and nearly fell over when a little race punk from Attitash came screaming down way too close. She said something to the race coach but he didn't seem to care....they teach technique but certainly not ski manners which is unfortunate. It will be good once all the racers are over on Bobcat. Pretty busy by Wildcat standards. Not much of a lift line but parking lot was nearly full. Guns on all day in the Snowcat area as well. Some stuff was getting poached but with my son I had to restrain myself.... pretty thin to be honest. The Tuesday storm should be kind to Wildcat it seems...wonder if some stuff like Tomcat Schuss could start to open at that point? Sent from my XT1254 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  17. Went to Wildcat today with the goal of breaking in some new boots. They weren't terrible, but definitely need to be skied some more. Conditions were groomed overnight. In the morning Lower Lynx ripped up into small chunks (like marbles) that broke up by late morning. As things got skied up piles formed. People complained the middle of the trail was icy. In reality they either can't ski or had dull edges. I had no problem sinking an edge in and ripping it up. Upper Polecat was whaled up. The whales were shiny with breakable crust first thing. By late morning I thought they got a lot better as skier traffic scraped up the surface. It was clear that they had just turned off the guns as the yellow areas were still soft enough to edge. By afternoon those areas had frozen up and it got less fun. Middle Polecast is has whales visible from Catapult. I suspect by tomorrow night guns will be running there again. Lower Polecat is still bare. The lift was running on diesel again for a second weekend. They had a secondary tank underneath the lift to keep it topped off. They fried the electric motor which has still not been replaced. Coverage on Upper Lynx is thinner than I'd like to see. Rocks are starting to poke through. They need to go back and finish it off.
  18. Hit up Wildcat with the Weatherman for opening day. It was as good as you could excpect for opening day on man made snow. Choppy up top, soome decent turns in the middle, fantastic turns under the guns, and tasty beer in the bar. Cheers to kicking off the season!! Glad the staff was there for the early season turns!!
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