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River Recon

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May is one of my busiest and best times of year for work.  It's also the time when my job feels more like fun than work.  May is when I get out on the river to evaluate the changes from the past winter, document the returning species, and track long term ecological changes.  That means a lot of time in kayaks, canoes, and waders.  This week I've been out checking on this stuff:

A couple of historic boathouses we restored.  They took a beating over the winter.  We are opening them up now to do repairs and pull out the stored boats for the summer:


We had thousands of trees come down in over the winter.  Many of them ended up in the river.  I've already cut out most of the ones that might block fish passage.  Next on the list are ones like these that block recreational boats:


I know those trees aren't blocking fish passage because further upstream I found a ton of River Herring and American Eel elvers:



Also some bad ass predators.  Snapper and Chain Pickerel:



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I’m building a pergola on a piece of property on the Merrimack in Hooksett.  I looked down at the water and saw this snapper checking things out.  I was going to go down for a closer pic, but he decided to move on.  


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