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I've been sick for about a week and way too congested to try riding.  I was going stir crazy looking at all the dry, unfrozen trails so I decided to get out and do some trail work.  Took care of a few recent blowdowns, and opened up nice half-mile loop that has been out of commision for about 3 years.  Ended up doing a 4 mile walk with the chainsaw which was a whole lot more effort than I planned on!!










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Took Friday off and rode at Highland. Perfect day for riding. Started pushing things a little too hard and had a good crash. Gear took the brunt of the fall, but I'm a little sore. Time for a new helm

Only my second ride at Kingdom Trails, VT. And my first non-winter ride. The place is amazing! Very ridable for all ability levels. Even their black diamonds are only rated in realative terms. Everyt

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Got two, 10 mile rides in the past 3 days. And targeting 2 more in the next two days. The trails in SE Mass are frozen enough to be super grippy, and dry enough to have no ice. As depressing as this week was up north, it's amazing to get some rides on sunny, dry, 40 degrees days in late December.

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For the mountain bikers, this backcountry blog that I follow posted a cool trip report of a MA/NH ride. 
I really like his blog and reports. He's been doing nice writing for a bunch of years and always seems to find cool adventures.
He was run off of AZ several years ago for posting links to his blog. I never understood that. It was a good way to share his content, and it still left plenty of room to have the discussion part on the forum. I wouldn't mind seeing him engaging in some of the discussion here.

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