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Rossignol Bikes

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It was so hot this evening that I decided lift assisted would be more fun than a trail ride, so I went to the last Wednesday night ride of the season at Sunapee. The Rossi rep was there with demo bikes. I had seen some Rossi bikes at Highland the last time there and figured they were just jumping on the MTB bandwagon. Turns out they didn't just jump on the bandwagon. They bought Felt Bikes. Their bikes are not just rebranded Felts either. They are designed specifically for Rossi and built by Felt. I demoed a large All Track Enduro. It's a 170/160 downhill ripper on 27.5+ tires. I was a little learry of the bigger tires. I have heard they tend to wallow a bit when pushed hard. That wasn't the case. The 2.8 Nobby Nics absolutely railed the corners. The large tires and plush suspension ate up rocks and braking bumps like a full on DH bike. It's lighter than a DH bike as well which made it more playful. The only place I noticed it lacking was on some of the larger drops where I was bottoming out. Even with that, I would definitely consider this for a replacement of my DH bike since you could actually pedal it up hill. Although, at nearly 34 lbs., it would be a bit of a pig. They also had an actual DH rig and a 150/150 trail bike. I was having so much fun on the Enduro though that I didn't bother with the other two. They definitely seem like quality bikes.


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17 hours ago, Puck it said:

I thought Rossi owned Look.  Look is big into road bikes.  

I didn't realize this, but apparently the binding manufacturer and the bike company are not the same:


The company Look Fixations, known for their ski bindings is still part of the Rossignol Group while Look Cycle is independent.



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