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Kton 10/22 Day one for me

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Delayed opening until 9:45 for icing of the NRT from snowmaking.  The regular four trails were open with guns going on all four.  21 guns on Rime and about 18 on Reason and Upper East Fall.  Some guns were wet but if you stayed on edge thru the snow the skis ran.  Googles were a different story though.  Skied about 12-15 runs.  Legs were fine but I was soaked thru.  Gloves and pants were the worst.  Headed back up the stairway at about 12:30 and saw the guns were on from the summit.  Maybe no walking down the stairs soon.  I am hoping for three days in October.  





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26 minutes ago, SkiingInABlueDream said:

Those attachments show up as unrecognized files for me. Anyone else?

They open for me. (PC, windows 10)

.HEIC is the new format on iPhones.

Too bad the bulletin board software doesn't support it yet.

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