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JetBlue Boston->Steamboat is a game changer

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I went in late January and it was indeed very convenient. The one downside is the airport feels like it is well over its intended capacity. Getting bags, checking in, etc. was a complete mob scene. Hopefully there are plans to expand the airport if airlines keep sending larger jets there!

Steamboat itself was great. Like Jim said Steamboat is not super challenging, but Storm Peak reminds me a lot of Wildcat. Mostly ungroomed with nothing scary steep, but a lot of very interesting and long tree runs. Don't go there if you're looking for scary bowls and rocky chutes, but tight trees, open trees, bump runs, it was all there. Very interesting skiing for the four days I skied there. I am not sure if I'd want to ski there 7 days straight though.

I still like eastern trees the best though.

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The one big thing that bummed me out about JetBlue is that when they announced the BOS-HDN service, they announced service to BZN too but only from So Cal.  Would love a direct BOS-HDN flight!!

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