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Loon General Conditions Updates 2018/2019

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3-4" on top of Loon's standard super-groom.  While other local areas (Cannon) had wind issues, Loon had light winds and all lifts running.  Crowds were minimal.  South Peak and North Peak were ski-on, while the Gondola line extended barely outside the building.   It continued to snow lightly throughout the entire although additional accumulation was only a trace.  Everything was is terrific shape.  There is some blue ice under the fresh snow, but except for the steepest trails (Ripsaw, etc)  there was rarely a reason to turn hard enough to get into anything firm. The biggest challenge of the day was a light icing on the goggles near the summit. I covered my goggles during lift rides and found that to help on the descents.   

1/9 should be pretty amazing with any amount of new accumulation. 

I only took 2 pics (and they are more for me than you).  As a 90% snowboarder I was extremely happy with Big Stix 110mm/186cm during the untracked morning, and Big Stix 100/176cm in the chopped up afternoon.  Skiing is HARD WORK!!  I'll be back on the board tomorrow....if I can walk. 




Oh wait....I forgot that I took this pic too.  Best gondola share I've ever had....


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