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Magic got about 6-7" of dense stuff then 3-4" of fluff prior to opening Thursday. Got their a little later than planned but still had the second set of tracks down Up Your Sleeve and then untouched Vertigo. Upper parts of Sorcerer, Tali, HOM, were windblown but lower 2/3s were incredible. Broomstick has plenty of coverage and is a challenging narrow bump run.  IDK what they have done to it but it is not the icy death ribbon it used to be. If you stick Black Line stick to the left just watch the last set of ledges. Low angle woods (e.g., Kitten, Seance, Pixie, Disappearing) were also fantastic. Twilight had good coverage. Didn't get into Goniff but looked OK. 



A couple assholes skied above their ability level and scrapped Red Line to shit (IF YOU'RE GOING TO POACH DO IT RIGHT). Another 6-8" and the whole mountain is good to go. Witch was in rough shape and still plenty of gnarly waterbars that make beginner/int trails more challenging.

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