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Fckflorida's predict the storm total (mlk storm)

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On 1/18/2019 at 1:41 PM, Flying Yeti said:

By Monday

Magic -  20"  - @ 19" now

Cannon - 14"  - @ 10-12"

Southern NH areas = 16"  -  I should have known better. Crotched and Pat's mixed and reporting 6-8" while Gunstock/Sunapee were at 14". What a gradient.

Wildcat - 22"  - saw they were at 15" as of 1pm but closing tomorrow. 

K -  to Stowe area 12, Looking like a widespread 18", surprised by this until the last models came out

Winner - Mountain Snow/Plattekill - 25" - Really saw SVT and Catskills doing better than the rest. 


SVT is the wildcard. I wouldn't be surprised if they got 10" or 30" tbh. -  Guess the Catskills got the 10".



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