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The Best Handmade Skis and Snowboards for Small-Batch Shredding

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Pretty good read about some small brands. Nice to see the local mentions of Parlor and PowderJet.   When I built my PowderJet in 2014 they were just staring up the build-your-own classes and were still operating out of Grain Surfboard's shop in ME with no space of their own.  Now they (he) has turned it into nationwide classes and has a great spot of his own in VT.  Very cool to see some traction in the craft. 



I convinced Jesse to brand my toast after we did the boards.....



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Really hope to go to the folks at Parlor some day. Everything I've heard about them is sweet and the builds seem like a good fit for me (slightly ironic since they are CUSTOM skis, but still).

Fantastic story behind them too.

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