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11 hours ago, Machski said:

That stinks, with the added stink of the skate back from Kinsman/Tramline. 

That is amazing on a mid-week powder day considering how many fewer people will want to ski those lines, amongst others over there, due to a little bit of side stepping and skating to get back and a three lift cycle. :) 

Man, I loved three lift cycles at Cannon years ago. Before the Mittersill lift, you hiked the saddle and (assuming you didn't BD or Barons or sidestep up to the top of Tuckerbrook Quad...) you had to take three lifts to do it again. It was over an hour to fully cycle and the snow stayed fresh all day, untracked open til closed and more the next day even without additional snowfall. I'd ski some days and only do five runs... but those were some of the best days of the season, some of the best days I've ever had on skis!

I love it when Cannon makes you work for it.

And I hate it when Cannon makes things easier for people to track stuff out faster.

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