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Westward Ho by Jim K.

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oops.  interesting how cross posting photos from various sites works for some and not for others.  what I like about NMS is that if I cross post something from here to elsewhere it shows up there.  Tip of the hat to Weatherman.


5/1/19:  Pretty special morning at Snowbird, UT. As a lifelong resident of VA, this is the first time in 52 years of skiing that I skied in the month of May. From now on I ski May only:roflmao:
6" new everywhere, twice that in many spots.

Little Cloud chairlift


snowbird may day little cloud.jpg

mineral basin chair

snowbird may day MB.jpg

pretty ski patroller checking out Great Scott (it was good)

snowbird madeline patroler.jpg

lower peruvian gulch

snowbird may day 1.jpg

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I'm getting close to finishing my ski time in the West.  I just spent three days in CO skiing May 4 & 5 at Arapahoe  Basin and May 6 at Breckenridge.  

A-Basin was very lively with near mid-winter type weekend crowds and lots of parties in the Beach parking lot.  The ski terrain was entirely open and the weather was mostly sunny and cool like mid to late March, not May!


pug cell ken.jpg

pugski gary.jpg

pusgski vail snow pro and tricia.jpg

I've been to Breckenridge 3 times for about 8 days total.  I've never experienced it this empty.  Snow coverage was great and there were people climbing above Imperial and Kensho chairs.



pug cell tricia.jpg

doug 4.jpg

pugski breck empty .jpg

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Snowbird May 9 was a mini powder day.

paul middle bookends again may 9.jpg

paul bookends in the sun may 9.jpg

May 11 at Snowbird was a classic sunny spring ski day.  Still lots of snow in them thar hills.

spikedog may 11 three.jpg

May 11, 2019 was my last day of skiing this winter.  Soon I head to CA then eventually circle back to VA.  It was a good winter.  I hit 50 days, maybe 51. I lost track at one point during a crazy/snowy March.  I feel blessed.

snowbird my last day 11 MAY 2019.jpg

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