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boot and glove dryer

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My boot / glove dryer that I keep at home died last week. Fortunately I have a spares, including three that I keep at the ski club and one in my duffel bag. But before next season I'd like to replace it. Buying boot dryers at the ski shop is unreasonably expensive. They often retail for $70+.

In the past I've done well buying dryers at Costco, Harbor Freight, and Ocean State Job Lot for about $30. Of those the job lot dryer was my least favorite, but all were functional.

What do you use for boot dryers? Anyone built one at home? Have a lead on a place to buy the 4-post type dryers for the $30 range?


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I have 2 of those same ones. They work well. I use as designed for warming up boots in the morning. But I flip them upside down and put them in the boots at the end of the day for drying. Otherwise I feel like moisture and smell get trapped in the upside-down boots.

I have plans to build 2 different DIY versions. One is a rack next to the heat ducts in my basement that will just a warmer/dryer without air flow. The 2nd is a portable rack that fits over forced hot air vents for quick drying when we have a lot of lots of people at our house and need to dry a lot fast.

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DIY is very simple and VERY effective. Take no more than couple minutes to dry boots or gloves. Take about 5 min. to dry soaking wet gloves. I am using a regular hairdryer with on and off switch for heat. 90° elbow inside the boots

gloves dryer laying in front with half inch pipe to create circulation and 90° elbow so hot-air don't get to hairdryer to overheat it


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