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Account locked for security reasons?

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Is anyone else experiencing this?

Every few weeks I get an email from NMS that says "We have detected 3 failed log in attempts to your account from *******, Massachusetts, 02***."   Yet, I know I haven't personally had any failed attempts.  The town identified is the next one over from me.  So it's possible that it identifies location from my approx IP.  Or it's possible that someone is trying to hack my account.  

If anyone else is randomly getting the same messages then I won't worry about it too much and will just assume a glitch in the system.  If nobody else is experiencing this I'll assume someone wants to be me!

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Shrug. Have not seen it. Is it possible you an old password store in a browser or app that is trying to refresh?
Yeah, that's possible. Not going to worry about. But if my account starts making crazy(er) posts...it wasn't me!
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