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Skier death on Mt Washington 4/11/2019

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I'm sure we've all seen the news stories about this from last Thursday.  I know I lot of us have been having personal conversations about it.  Especially since many of have plans to be up there in the coming weeks. 

I haven't posted about it because the news reports have been incomplete and the social media reports have been unreliable.  Finally, here is the very detailed (yet heartbreaking) full report from MWAC.  https://www.mountwashingtonavalanchecenter.org/4112019-avalanche-fatality-raymond-cataract/?fbclid=IwAR1nl1DF6VtZqGBwors-8zkKXGakeDSHcsCo6E-Z68AFR3baKaVRXzBsuHA

I'm just gonna say 2 things:

1) These rangers and first responders are absolutely amazing.  Their unique set of calculated experience and decision-making, combined with their pure courage and humanity is pretty damn unique.  I don't know how they juggle being so clinical about their discussions while obviously being so emotional about their commitment.

2) Let's not turn this into an armchair QB thread. Every single social media platform and ski forum has already done that.  We're all just recreational skiers.  Some with more or less BC experience.  We're all happy to be enjoying some late season fun.  Take the lessons learned from this report, there are a lot of them.  They span from the technical aspects of BC skiing, to the mental aspects of decision making, to the emotional aspects of ultimate loss.  There is lots to gain from absorbing all of that, there is little to gain from critiquing it. 


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Awful situation.


This part is tough


One other notable factor in this accident was the fact that at least three parties observed and later reported seeing what appeared to be a fresh crown line in Raymond Cataract. No one made the 5-10 minute diversion to look for clues or do a beacon search of the debris where a ski and pole were on the surface 75’ uphill of the burial site.


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