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Biker gaps bear in Whistler

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This quick clip is pretty wild....



But it reminded me of how many wildlife near misses I've had lately. I've been running around so busy lately that I forgot half of them and didn't add them all up.


- In early August I aborted a ride in Franconia because of all the bear activity. There were steaming piles of fresh bear poop and big fresh bear prints in the mud on the trail.

- In late August we nearly hit a bear on the highway in Franconia on a way to a ride. It jumped over the guard rail just ahead of us.

- The next night we came within a few yards of hitting a moose in the road in Bethlehem on the way back from another ride.

- In early September I was going WAY too fast on the Franconia bike path at dusk. I didn't see the bear in the path until I was almost on it. Luckily it bolted off the path in time that we didn't collide.

- Last week in MA I was again going way too fast on my local trails. I came within inches of smashing into a deer on the trail on a downhill corner. This time I was the one who reacted faster. If I hadn't braked hard I would have hit it. It didn't bound off until I was within touching distance.


Oh yeah, and I've also run over a snake and two squirrels on my mountain bike this summer. WTF, how does that even happen?


It's fun to see all these animals but really hoping for no serious incidents!

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