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Vail upgrades for summer 2020

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Long and short of it... Okemo gets a new 6-pack. Nothing else in the East.


Transformational Upgrades at Okemo – The company plans to complete a transformational investment at Okemo, pending certain government approvals. The investment will include upgrading the Quantum lift from a four-person to a six-person, high-speed chairlift and relocating the existing four-person, high-speed Quantum lift to replace the Green Ridge three-person chairlift, increasing uphill capacity and improving circulation across the resort. The company also plans to renovate and expand both dining and ski school facilities, as well as enhance accessibility for all guests at the primary point of arrival.


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This is only the first announcement for 2020's build season.  They will reveal more details in March.  There could be more lift installs next summer but some may not be announced by Vail yet depending on permitting/contract progress to date.

Off of Liftblog, Peter says he got confirmation from Okemo local MGMT that the Quantum replacement will in fact be a bubble 6, a first for Vail (Katz is on record not caring for bubble chairs) and the relocated Quantum 4 will retain. It's bubbles as well.

One would think an Attitash summit HSQ would be a definite Vail investment, but they have to go through the NFS permit process.  So that might be a 2021 project since, to my knowledge, no proposal has been submitted to the NFS.

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10 hours ago, Benski said:

Someone years ago said you can replace chairlift without getting a new approval of the footprint does not change.

You might be able to replace an old lift in the exact alignment of the exact capacity as the old one without a full application to the NFS.  But any upgrade and capacity increase most definitely requires the full permit process.  Both Loon and Waterville have entered that process this fall, Loon to replace Kanc with a HS8 and 7 Bros with the refurbed Kanc, Water is to replace White Peaks with a HS6 and Sunnyside with a FGQ and to remove Northside without replacement.

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