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Whose glass is half full?

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Just now, thesnowway said:

Looking forward to your report tomorrow.

Cannon has perhaps the worst snow reporting in the business right now. Which is sad .....

Interesting that things were that bad at Cannon on Sunday and so different than further south. Then again, southern winds destroy the place. Trail report looks pretty good today. Of course, it is probably a sheet of ice and death cookies.

Will definitely report back here.

They have gotten absurd!  On Sunday they posted something along the lines of "the good news is that cold temps will come back quickly this afternoon and we can fire up the snow making".   On Monday they posted something like "Our forecasts didn't show cold temps for today so were going to have to close."   HUH???  Yes, it is sad. 

I can't give first-hand for Sunday so take my comments with a grain of salt.  But this system really seemed to be driving from the South, which as you mention is a Cannon-killer.  I did here that it was just pouring in the notch, and the report seems to confirm that.  And yeah the 7am trail report looked good....but then they didn't open most of that, so who knows.

Glass is 1/4 full.  Leaving room for snow or booze. 

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