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Mad Russian Skis (and snowboards) thread

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The "mid-fat review" thread morphed into a discussion about our own local ski builder.

Many of us have skied MR skis, and several members actually own pairs now. It seems like this deserves it's own thread.

I'm carrying it over with a quote from the last post in that thread. From@madrussian to me....

"Thank you for kind words. Yes a lot has Change you should stop by my Facebook page sometimes.

btw you still can go for 1 and 2 and have your own mad Russian skis or snowboard… Yes snowboard this year I'm building first one"

That is GREAT that you're going to start doing snowboards . I think your process really lends itself to boards. I know that for your skis you prefer that they be mounted with adjustable bindings. With snowboards this is the standard anyway. Somebody getting on one of your boards will be able to tweak stance angles, widths, and position to dial in the sweet spot.



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I think it's safe to say MR-87 can also be considered as a women daily driver skis as well   @MarzNC

I going ski at Wachusett Mountain on Tuesday. will have with me MR80 MR87 and MR95. This will be good opportunity to try Mad Russian skis and maybe design your own "dream ski" at the same time. Othe

time to unveil new design for 18/19 season MR107. New MR107 which incorporated best from almost 10 years experience of designing and building custom skis. Features like 4.5 points sidecut for bes

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 thank you..

I about to start building season and will update this thread on my progress. Besides first mad Russian snowboard I have plans to make one new ski design.

A lot has changed/improved since beginning of similar thread at AZ which went to no where and I stop making updates couple years ago.




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Been checking out a lot of You tube ski build video's and some build material suppliers, Just curious about how you decide on a core material/construction design. I've come across bamboo ,poplar and a couple other wood types and lamination widths. Also some manufactures build in a camber in the core and others a flat laminated core, that is later added in the press. Does your core vary from ski to ski ?

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Been checking out a lot of You tube ski build video's and some build material suppliers ===>be careful this is slippery slope ;)

how you decide on a core material/construction design ====> all woods have mechanical properties..... stiffness (modulus of elasticity), strength (modulus of rupture), and weight (density). and elastic modulus . have no experience using bamboo because my skis build ONLY from locally grown and milled lumber. Poplar relatively soft and need additional reinforcement.  Depends what type of ski I build different wood used. For example I wouldn't use poplar or similar wood in narrow groomer  skis at the same time poplar is a great addition to the core when building powder skis

Also some manufactures build in a camber in the core ===> I think this is a gimmick especially if softer wood used. Average ski core profile at thickness tip 2 mm//center 10–12 mm// tale 2 mm... this not a lot of  meat to make big different. Core can be profiled can profile with camber  but if mold in the press have zero camber skis will came out… Zero camber

Does your core vary from ski to ski ====>  yes.


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no more drawings.… Templates complete. even templates is flat they better feel for the future skis.

usually pair skis get 2 template one for core and one for base. This time core template looks like good ski design in itself 105-70-95. With some minor modification could be nice moguls skis design


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I should probably post in this thread.


I've had two pairs made for me. Both pairs I've beat the ever living shit out of but I suppose that could be said for any ski I owned. 


The first pair...the 110 there was some binding issues but we got that cleared up. I skied them just a couple weeks ago at abasin and was reminded how great of a western ski they are. Im pretty sure I've surpassed 100 days on these skis. I plan on skiing them lots more.


The second pair are newer...mr95 and they were my daily driver at the cat this winter. These turned out to be a quite versatile ski for me....also they like to go fast and hold up during speed yet don't completely suck in bumps. I suspect ill get a couple more years out of these skis anyhow.

Ill be honest I don't know jack shit about the technical stuff and various woods ect. ...I just told the man what I wanted and he made them. Im not some sort of super read skier but for my size I go pretty hard and like to think if anyone is gonna bust skis its going to be me...I've busted Rossi's and k2s and volants in the past.


Basically what Im saying is mishka in my opinion makes really good quality stuff that holds up over time. Ill be ordering a pair next year most likely as I need to abuse these some more.



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