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Mad Russian Skis (and snowboards) thread

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besides the snowboard this year. I built one new design MR-102. Changes in this design. Compare to others is huge rocker in the tip and bigger rocker in the tail. New this year is graphics. Several  skis I build have wood veneer tops and MR-102 one of them




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I think it's safe to say MR-87 can also be considered as a women daily driver skis as well   @MarzNC

I going ski at Wachusett Mountain on Tuesday. will have with me MR80 MR87 and MR95. This will be good opportunity to try Mad Russian skis and maybe design your own "dream ski" at the same time. Othe

time to unveil new design for 18/19 season MR107. New MR107 which incorporated best from almost 10 years experience of designing and building custom skis. Features like 4.5 points sidecut for bes

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19 hours ago, Infinite Dreams said:

Have you gotten out on the 102s yet? What do you think?

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of course I did in beginning of December, when it was warm days. unfortunately not on any pow days yet

totally different experience compare to any other designs I built..... By far most easiest turning skis I ever ski on.

I'm not the best guy to write a review… Especially on skis I designed and built..... Overall very happy with the results

hopefully will get someone soon on them who can write  review

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New season - new sensations. 


MR 87 - v. 2   (blue katazome cloth, elm topsheet)

The first generation MR87 was a playful, edgy little ski  that did most anything you could ask of it.    It zigged, it zagged, it could be steered into little short tiny turns, or you could hold it on edge for longer carves.      I was quite impressed with how composed the ski felt even though it looked odd - the binding was very far towards the tail.    And I felt like it could use more edge bite, especially at the tips. 

@MadRussian listened to what I had to say then went back to his workshop.   And he came up with ...this.     The overall shape remains much the same, but he re-did the core profile, and then, for good measure, he added carbon fiber stringers. 

I wanted a stronger tail.    I got it.    I wanted more edge grip at the tips.   I got it.    But the ski didn't stop there - it gave me more direct edge feel underfoot.     Very direct.    Of all the MR skis, this is the one I would want on a tight goat track, with nothing but hardpack and refreeze. 

All MR skis are tough.   Tough in a "I don't care what  you ski, if you survive, the ski will survive" way.    Except this one feels tougher.   Yes, tougher.   Not burlier, not heavier, just 

Other words that apply are: quick, tenacious, darty.    If skis have spirit animals, this ski has a fighting rooster.      Except this rooster is too tough for the soup pot. 

Does v. 2 sacrifice something that the original MR87 had?   Maybe.    The old MR87 was a touch more progressive between the binding and the tips; one could feel the turn deepening.     With v.2 the loading is compressed to an instant, and then you're turning.     The old MR87 had a softer interface between tips and shovels - this was an OK thing on frozen ruts even though it gave less edge feel.   This one - well the v.2 ski is tough enough to beat you up if you let it.   


5'11" 218lbs  Look Pivots mounted +1cm from @MadRussian recommended position,  10mm lifters front and rear. 



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MR 95 - v. 2 (Figured topsheet tip to tail)

Anyone who knows me knows I really, really liked the original MR95.     It was fun as a progressive carver, one just loaded up the front of the ski and it took you into the turn like a well-practiced dance partner.   It was fun as an upright slasher - if you lost the line in a field of snow whales and needed to turn NOW it did that.     It would bash through manky snow without noticing it much.    Of all the MR skis, the MR95 v.1 is the one I would want to own as a Sierra cement skier.    And yes, it was tough like all MR skis are tough but it was tough in an elegant way.     A well trained dance partner that could ignore your stepping on toes. 

 Now, I know that I'm at the heavier end of testers.      I understand some lighter testers couldn't quite load up the shovels enough to make the tips go around.      I know the mounting position was altered to be more forward for lighter skiers.     I also know that I hated the forward mounting position, especially in deep new snow. 

Well, @MadRussian went to his workshop and tweaked. 

The v. 2 MR95 is not a dance partner any longer.   It is more of a - gentleman's coach.      The first thing you notice is that the v.2 skis centered.    There is absolutely no point in shifting the pressure point forward or back - the ski will feel your efforts, laugh at you a little bit (oh, do stop wriggling about, you silly person) and make a turn just like it would if you had stayed centered. 

This has it's benefits - just like the v.2 MR87 felt like it had more edge bite underfoot than the original, the v.2 MR95 is more direct on edge underfoot than the original.    Also, the new tail feels like it has more bite, more authority.    Especially on  surfaces where dense, cold talcum powder is hiding hardpack. 

I can see where most of the skiers who couldn't quite get enough forward on the old MR95 would really like the new one.     But you  readers will forgive me, I hope, if I remain loyal to the original. 



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MR 102 - (clownish tips, two tone inlay top)


OK, this is different.     

I immediately called this ski the 'crud skate'.     I say immediately but it really took 3 turns.   When I clicked into the ski, and just glided along the snow, it felt like a brother to the MR87.     I actually forgot how big a ski I was on -  so I was surprised when I had to think about making my hips go wider than I had been doing all morning.    But, with just that tiny correction - holy cr@p.    The edges have every bit as much authority as those on the MR87.   And in between - boof!  Why yes, that was a slough pile.   Teehee!  Boof!

If you want to make pretty turns, don't look at this ski.    If you want to just silly grin as you surf and slash on broken snow - yep, this is it.     

@MadRussian thinks this ski makes chop feel like powder.     I disagree.   I think this ski makes chop feel like an amusement park. 

I would be OK with this ski on hardpack, so long as I wasn't expected to impress any instructors.    I have no idea how this ski would work in deep powder or where the balance point would be.      But dust on crust?   Yes sure.     Slough piles with scrape in between? Yes please.     Breakable crust?   Oh my, sure.    Wheeee!

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3 hours ago, Jcb890 said:

Are you looking for someone to test any board shapes for you?

I'm always welcome people to test/try/demo if that can be scheduled.

Sunday 2/4 will be a rare weekend "Russians are coming" "event" at Cannon Mountain. I will be "working" with @Puck it to design skis for him

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12 hours ago, MadRussian said:

I think it's safe to say MR-87 can also be considered as a women daily driver skis as well   @MarzNC

Oh good, I was wonder which model I was using.  While they were a bit long, with the tip rocker I didn't have any problem making turns at any speed.  Certainly were easy to handle once I adjusted to the length.  Crossed my tips getting of the lift unloading for the first run.  They were longer than the pair of straight skis I still have in my closet.

Was interesting that moving the binding forward a bit made a noticeable difference.  Took less work after the adjustment.  Should have thought of that earlier.  Had the same experience with home grown skis mostly demo'd by men a few years ago at a Mid-Atlantic demo day.

Enjoyed the the MR-87.  But at 5'0", 112 lbs, I think 5-10cm shorter would be even more fun as a daily driver.


Mad Russian Wachusett 31Jan2018 - 1.jpg

Mad Russian Wachusett 31Jan2018 - 2.jpg

Mad Russian Wachusett 31Jan2018 - 3.jpg

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