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Trip report Cannon 2/19

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Pretty amazing day. Picked up about 8" since the previous afternoon. We expected major crowds so we showed up at 7:45 to catch the 8:15 tram. There was nobody there. Even by the time the tram loaded it was only about half full. Bumped into@thesnowway in line for the tram and shared a few laps. At the summit it was eerily quiet. We lapped the cannonball chair with almost no other skiers. Turns out that the lower mountain lifts had a delayed opening. So only those who caught the first tram were up top for awhile.


Video report below. Sorry for crappy editing, I only have my phone available to edit on. The point is to show conditions not to make a cinematic masterpiece!



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Nice sharing some turns, Cannonballer! Hard to believe this was a vacation week powder day (on a NH Res day, no less!). Less croweded than an average non-holiday non-powder day weekend. Ski on lifts all day, no tram wait.

Nice and surfy turns. Just enough wind buff to make eight inches feel bottomless, but still buttery soft and smooth. Most fun I've had on skis this season.

Groomers looked to be variable scraped wind blown or drifted with tremendous variance even on the same trail. I imagine the average intermediate level vacationing family was less than impressed with the storm.

Cannon still needs a "big one" to finish filling in coverage gaps on its steepest and nastiest lines. We took third or fourth tracks down Kinsman (one of the best Kinsman runs I've ever had) and it was great. But you could tell that it was going to be completely trashed by the end of the day (better than it was before the storm, at least!). 





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