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Cannon - 2/29/20


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Fairly cold throughout the day. The sun peaked out around 9am and looked like it was going to clear up.



Then by 10 it was dumping. 



Turned into about 3-4 inches of really fluffy snow, which was desperately needed. The storm this week clearly was mostly rain to start. I don't think the base was too badly damaged except for the fact that its now a glacier. Upper Mountain seemed to be less impacted and the glades up there were still fine but the sides and woods on the lower mountain were pretty rough. I normally ride through anything but had no choice but to bail out of Lakeview about halfway down. No idea how they opened DJs or Kinsman. 

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Regarding Tramline and Kinsman... Cannon is desperate to say that they are 100% open. Their trail reports this past month absolutely reek of desperation ("everything open except the creek!" "99% open!" "patrol had to close tramline but we are otherwise fully open!" etc.). There have been a few times when they have prematurely reported Tramline or the Creek being open and had to walk it back with "pending trail inspection" or "patrol had to close it" etc.

Of all the bad decisions Cannon made putting off map cuts onto the map, the creek was the worst mistake of them all. A glade that ends in a (usually) frozen waterfall that rarely fills in should not be on the map. At least with Tramline, people can see what they are getting into before they drop in and you can't duck without getting caught. The creek is an accident waiting to happen for a developing glade skier or someone ducking a rope.

Thanks for the Cannon report!

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