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On 02/29/20 at 18:36 the Vermont State Police-Williston barracks received a 911 call reporting two skiers had gone off of the trail at Stowe Mountain Resort.  They were lost and one of the two skiers had fallen off of a cliff and was injured.  

 After a search lasting over 2 hours, the two skiers were found.  One of the skiers, a 36 year old male from Connecticut, was found at the base of a cliff deceased.  The other skier was a 35 year old male also from Connecticut.  He was found to be uninjured and was assisted out of the woods by rescue personnel.  
The two skiers were reported to be avid skiers who were familiar with the Stowe Mountain Resort.  


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Wow, so the two skiers were brothers. One of them was stranded on top of a cliff band after the other fell of of it. Required Army soliders scaling the cliff to rescue the one who survived. 

Here are the full details.


The cliff is known as Doug's Route

Heading up the first pitch! I bailed from 10' up the pillar after noticing a horrifying crack going all the way across the top!! Then when I got back to the belay we realized the screws could be pulled out by hand and we could hardly get in a single V thread! Sweet!

Dougs Route


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4 hours ago, dblskifanatic said:

Who in their right mind would think that ok to attempt? Sucks to have ended that way but .....

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I don't think they were attempting to ski where the accident happened. They had sent a text an hour before the accident that they were having trouble finding the way to a fairly well known and by all accounts safe area. My guess is that they were trying to work their way over but had descended too far already and the snow was too deep to hike back out of. 

I'm not familiar with Stowe at all, maybe @deadheadskier knows more about the area they were in.

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