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Professional skier Cody Townsend is skiing all the lines from the book "50 Classic Ski Descents of North America". He's joined by  Blake Keogh, Ryan Gibbs, Ryan Dunfee, Forrest Frizzell, Forrest Shearer, Jamie Walter & Ben Drummond as he tours Tuckerman Ravine and Huntington.





The book: 



Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America is a large-format compilation of iconic and aesthetic ski descents from Alaska to Mount Washington. Created by ski mountaineers Chris Davenport, Art Burrows and Penn Newhard, Fifty Classic Ski Descents taps into the local knowledge of contributors such as Andrew McLean, Glen Plake, Lowell Skoog, Chic Scott and Ptor Spricenieks with first person descriptions of their favorite ski descents and insightful perspectives on ski mountaineering past, present and future. The book features 208 pages of gorgeous action and mountain images from many of North America s top photographers. Whether you are planning an expedition to Baffin Island s Polar Star Couloir or heading out for dawn patrol on Mount Superior, Fifty Classic Ski Descents is a visual and inspirational feast of ski mountaineering in North America.


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This was really sweet!!  Cody Townsend is definitely at the top of the heap these days. But to be honest I enjoyed seeing the local guys even more.  Forrest Frizzell, Ryan Gibbs, and Andrew Drummond are guys that are just 'around' here. A lot of them have been active participants in local ski forums (esp T4T). They are obviously the ones that made this a successful trip and the represented NE so well. His interview with AD (@2:03) and his reflections at the end (14:30) definitely make you appreciate New England skiing. 

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Great video! He caught quite a day up there, calm blue bird is very rare on Washington. I am sure he was coordinating with the local skiers on the best time to fly out to check this one off his list (thus, the video opening with the last minute flight). His thoughts at the end of the video are spot on. Sense of place is far more important to me than deciding where to live based on the best snow for skiing.

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