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What are you watching? The TV & Movie Recommendations/Reviews Thread

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Just watch a movie? Let us know how it was. In the middle of a series? Tell us how you like it...


I'm currently watching Better Call Saul. I started it when it first came out and gave up but recently binged it with my GF so she could catch up. Have to say I like it better the second time around and perhaps maybe a few more years removed from Breaking Bad also has helped it.


On another note, the inspiration for this thread is Black Mirror. Highly recommend that show if you haven't seen it. It's like a modern age twilight zone and it honestly feels like I'm living in an episode right now with the pandemic going on.


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Just started season 9 ofCriminal Minds on Netflix.
Nothing like an uplifting show in our current situation.

On a lighter side we’ll go with New Girl also on Netflix.

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9 hours ago, Infinite Dreams said:

Started Hunters on Prime. Pretty good so far. Also got to get caught up on Homeland, Billions and Better Call Saul.

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I like Billions a lot. Gave up on Homeland a few seasons back. Another Showtime show that runs well past it's expiration date IMO.

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Here are a few

The Spy on Netflix (watched it this past Winter and thought it was excellent)

Vinyl on HBO (I missed this a few years ago when it came out but started it the other night and it seems promising)

Narcos and Narcos Mexico (both on Netflix)  Start with Narcos if you decide to watch, Narcos Mexico builds off of Narcos.

Altered Carbon on Netflix

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I'm terrible at watching TV. I rarely can make it through a single episode of anything without falling asleep. But I can listen to and watch music all night and day.

Right now I'm hooked on 'What Makes This Song Great'. This guy breaks down songs piece by piece and blows your mind. He digs into everything from Stevie Wonder, to Metallica, to White Stripes. Watching them is a commitment because any 3min song could be a 30min episode. This breakdown of Boston's More Than a Feeling is one good example.

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