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What did you miss out on this year?

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Most of us had a few good months left in our seasons when all this occurred. What did you miss out on that you were most looking forward to?


For me, there's a few side country routes I never got a chance to do this year with the conditions and my trips not lining up. I was re-watching some old gopro footage last night and it reminded me of all the exploring we got to do last spring.

Warm weather tailgating/bbqing. 

Was looking forward to the end of year trip to Wildcat. Haven't made it to Wildcat in a few years now so that's a bummer.

And finally some umbrella bar days at Killington. 






Spring Wildcat



Enjoying a Fiddlehead while watching Superstar carnage from the Umbrella bar.



Finding the last of the tree coverage somewhere at Cannon




Parking lot Nutrients 

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The real killer for me was a trip to Steamboat.  We spent almost a year planning this trip with our 3 nephews.  With the three of them heading in different directions for colleges and military this year,  this was likely to be the last time we could all do a big snowboarding trip together. All the boards are still packed up the travel bags and are going to be a reminder for awhile. 

Other stuff:  We had Ikon passes and were planning to use all our SR and Loon days in the spring.  The Wildcat day(s) mentioned above. Those great long afternoon sunny spring skiing days and tailgating. 


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I had only two ski days before Jan 28.  By the shutdown I had 26.  I had hoped to get approximately another 26 Utah ski days by mid-May.😬

On the bright side, I was blessed to get some quality ski days in CO, UT and WY.  Also, my wife's a non-skier/retired skier and since this turn of events we're spending some quality time together.🥰

Sounds like many of us really enjoy spring skiing and that's the big common loss this season.

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We were planning a weekend trip to Jay Peak and also a weekend to Sugarloaf this spring. Not happening. Staying secluded and doing some skinning though.

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Missed everything but early season thanks to busting my humerus. I'll miss some of the ski club parties and our C Lot tailgate.


Though- if you really think about it nothing is really stopping us from having the tailgate.

We just won't be skiing! I could be convinced to snow shoe up with some beers. 

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We were planning to go to Crested Butte the very first weekend after they were all shut down. Also had flights purchased to go ski Park City. Got a voucher for a later day from the airline.

We also had bought tickets to fly to LA to stay with our son and catch an XFL game everything was refunded for that trip.

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