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Someone wrote an article directed at @puck it in Powder Mag

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I'm pretty much an always-put-the-safety-bar-down type of guy.  Just got in the habit because it was always done in my 50 years of skiing in the mid-Atlantic since I was a kid.  The irony of it is the lifts in the mid-Atlantic rarely go more than 20' off the ground.  In Utah, as in most places out west, folks are a bit less rigorous about using them even though the lifts can traverse much hairier terrain.  Everyone is pretty tolerant of me when I announce that I'm putting it down.  Believe they cut me some slack because of my gray hair, they don't want the old guy sucking wind after a long ski run to pass out and fall off the chair.

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I have no problem with the bar, but those folks who want to slam it down not even a second after their backside hits the cushion need to just stop, take a breath, ask other riders if they are ready, then lower it.  When a detachable accelerates out of the base station, you get pushed INTO the seat, not out!!!

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