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Southern Hemisphere Ski Areas Closed Due to COVID 19

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Here is Valle Nevado



Valle Nevado Statement - COVID-19

To those who have followed us for weeks,


We hope that you and your families are well, that you continue to take care of yourself and your loved ones.


June is gone, but it leaves us a lot of snow (almost 1.5 meters accumulated) and more desire to look at the mountain, but from the city. Because we are still closed, in quarantine and following the instructions of the authority to be able to collaborate with the health crisis.


The entire Valle team has continued working to be prepared - if authority and sanitary conditions allow it - to have the 2020 season.


We know that it would be little by little and a different winter. Respecting the quarantines and taking care of ourselves with more distance, but at the same height (3,025 meters of Valle), will be everyone's task.


Since it is a government mandate I assume other Chilean ski areas are too!


Same applies to Australian ski areas!


Sign of things to come for us this fall!



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I think being outside and easily controlled ski areas should be easy to keep safe. I saw one idea of splitting a mountain into smaller areas so the capacity of each can be managed separately, allowing a more precise cap. I think maximizing open spaces is an underrated strategy to help people social distance. It seams like spreading out, staying outside, washing your hands and wearing a mask are the keys to this virus

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It's definitely worthwhile to look at the southern hemisphere ski season to see what they are doing. But at the same time we can look at our own local ski areas right now. Loon, Killington, Burke, Stowe, etc are operating lift-served MTB right now. How that works out is going to be the best indicator of what they do come winter.

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I expect the US ski season to go better than the Southern Hemisphere ski season since America seams to be less willing to close for Coronavirus. In addition, the EU closing to Americans is a net benefit to US Ski resorts, and the lack of travel will push up skiers to stay east. Sugarbush was deserted last week when I was up there. They gave all 5 people renting through them, a free upgrade, to the Claybrook. Killington looked a little busier.

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But in Westchester kayak rentals have become reservation only, due to capacity being way down and demand staying steady. Prices are up a lot, and might rise again.

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Skiing looking much better in Australia this week after a 2-3 feet dump last weekend.  Perisher, Thredbo, and Mt. Buller doing fine after limiting capacity during early season.  People with Epic passes won't need a reservation midweek at Perisher starting next week.  Thredbo opted to refund all season passes, then sell day tickets only.  Season passholders get discounted rates that get better based on the number of days already bought and paid for.

New Zealand ski areas/resorts operating with no restrictions.  But NZ closed off to the world early on so has a very different situation for COVID-19.

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