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old family ski photos

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Here are a bunch of old ski photos that represent a walk down memory lane for me.  Can anyone get the second and third photos to show?  They are bmp format.

Blue Knob, PA 1968

dad blue knob trailer alpinezone.jpg

dad blue knob chalet vw beth.bmp


New Picture (6).bmp

Eldora, CO 2003

eldora resize.jpg

Arapahoe Basin, CO 2009

vince arapahoe basin pali apr 2009.jpg

Vail, CO 2015

vail back bowls jim.jpeg

Snowbird, UT 2017

north chute from chair lift.jpeg

brian north chute.jpeg

johnl brian vince north chute bottom 2017.jpeg

Mt. Bachelor, OR 2012

vince mt. bachelor backside otherwordly.jpeg

Homewood, CA 2013

vince homewood main cirque.jpeg

Crested Butte, CO 2019

funnel chute cb.jpg

Timberline, WV

timberline friends.jpeg

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10 minutes ago, StraightSkis said:

Here you go, Jim. 


dad blue knob chalet vw beth.jpg

New Picture(6).jpg

Thank you!  The first is from 1976, our family ski cabin about one mile from Blue Knob ski area in western PA.  The second is me (backwards ball cap) with a friendly guide at a fine Austrian ski area called Zauchensee in 2003.

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