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Couple chances of snow this week.

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Skied Cannon today, pretty decent. Nasty start, mixed precip and super windy in the morning. It was never pure rain. Really slow for a holiday period with snow in the forecast. Zoomer only until 10:30ish when Peabody came online.

I haven't been to Cannon recently, so I cannot compare conditions prior to today. It looked like a net gain overall. I think Cannon reported 4 inches or so... but by the time the mixed precip compacted everything, 1-2" net is a good estimate.

There was a strangely fun peel away layer when making first turns over groomed. Bombing Zoomer with high speed arcs (not something I normally do) was sensational first thing in the morning.

Glades and some bump troughs are pretty darn thin, considering it is mid-February and we never had a January thaw and the mountain seemed to constantly get micro snow accumulations for weeks on end. I appreciated making third or fourth tracks in in the glades so other skis could brush aside the inch or two of new "snow" and expose the junk for me to see. 

Cannonball was offline, maybe the upper mountain did better. But I doubt it. The weather pattern seemed particularly unfavorable for Cannon. I may be back Friday if that storm continues to have a good forecast.

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Skied BW on Tuesday.  The morning was nasty with freezing rain, but by the time the mountain opened at 8 it had transitioned to mostly sleet/ice balls, and even that ended around 9.  The snow was fantastic and there were no crowds.  We spent the day in the glades, which skied really nicely...very few rocks until you got onto the steeper slopes.

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We had 4" sleet Monday night and freezing r$%& Tuesday at Sugarbush. Skied nice at first and coated a lot of the the bare patches but is not ice wherever it was skied in and a breakable crust where it was not. Though it seamed a bit slide prone. I triggered a few slabs in the Paradise woods/chutes area. Wednesday night it must have snowed a little but it was windblown since it only accumulated in wind protected areas. 3" deep between moguls but nothing on top of them. Skied fine and the coverage was great. Somehow the ungroomed trails just as icy than the groomers.

Does the wind flatten moguls?

Was this storm a collaboration of ULLR and Satan?

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Sunday River saw mostly sleet Tuesday and heard Wednesday it was locked up hard on the ungroomed.  Not sure what happened, but everything is skiing well now, even the nats and woods.  Dropped into an extended tree line not touched and although they didn't report any snowfall, seemed to be a couple inches on top and the rest below wasn't bad.  Need more snow as the lack of it is bringing back very boney conditions on heavily trafficked naturals.

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