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Marhar Lumberjack 152 - Ongoing Review


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Only have a single day on this board so far so I figured I'd make a couple of posts as I get to know it better and take it in different conditions.


The Lumberjack is a short fat twin and at 152, it's the shortest in my collection. 

Image result for marhar lumberjack


The twin is what sold me on the board. Most of the short fat boards are directional with a small tail. You can ride them switch but it's a little intimidating with those tails. 



The profile is Rocker in the tips and flat beneath the feet.

marhar lumberjack snowboard shape

It's a middle of the road in terms of flex so that combined with the rocker makes it very playful. It also has what they call Sideways Rocker

3D base sideways rocker snowboard shape


Need some more time on the board to give thoughts on this tech but it was interesting. Debating putting my Now Bindings this board, which would probably be pretty wild to combine two different skate inspired technologies. 




Anyways, the conditions were cold and fast. Packed powder and blue skies. Not really ideal conditions for this board as the snow was more suited for high speed bombing. I was able to carve pretty easily with this board but it just didn't feel as at home doing it at high speeds. I switched boards in the morning to go back to something a little more suited for speeds and brought this out again in the afternoon. It's definitely more at home slowing down and playing, which is the role I bought it for so I'm definitely pleased with that. Took it through two glades and it performed well. Turn initiation is a bit different with the amount of rocker as you don't really drive it with a lot of forward press, sort of need to stay more centered and swivel turn using that sideways rocker. Felt much more responsive once I got used to that. It has decent pop for how soft it is. I wouldn't take it through the larger jump features but it was able to boost off side hits and it's super forgiving for spins. Very natural when using it switch. Looking forward to getting it in some softer snow

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