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Do you drink and hike?

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Note- this is not "I bring one beer with me or have one at the end"

Depending on the length of the hike, I bring 2-6 beers to enjoy while taking a break to hang at a scenic overlook on the trail, summit, or on the way down. A little reward for a tough challenge. 

I don't care what another hiker thinks because I'm far from drunk, but the split of people ON the trail who see us with them feels pretty even. 

50% say something along the lines that we are disgusting and shouldn't be hiking with beer. 

50% say something like, "DAMMIT! Why didn't I think of that? 


So what do y'all do? 


What is Beer Hiking? - Prime Passages

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I'm clumsy when completely sober, so I save my drinking for when I'm safely off the mountain.  HOWEVER, if we are backpacking I'll bring something with me for when we set up camp at the end of the day.

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It depends on the hike, but mostly no.  On any hike of real length or elevation the last thing I want is more weight in my pack. On shorter hikes (<~6 miles) I might bring one for the summit. For strolls in the woods I might sip a couple while on the trail. 

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I'm more of an after-exertion drinker myself.  Sometimes I'll have a drink at lunch during a ski day.

In 2019 my son and I did the short hike to ski off the true summit at Crested Butte.  When we got up there a guy was smoking a cigarette and drinking a can of beer.  I said to him, good idea with the beer.  He said the cig and beer were the favorite brands and tribute to a friend who had recently passed.

CB summit is to the right:


cb chair.jpg

In Feb 2020 I was at Grand Targhee on a beautiful day and on my last run I passed some guys drinking beer off the side of the trail at this spot.  Was wishing I brought one to join them for a few minutes.  I did have a couple back in the car that I shared with friends later.


pug gang GT tetons.jpg


This was at Beaver Creek on a ski day during the World Championships in Feb, 2015.  It was hard to smuggle that beer onto the premises with all the security for that event.  BTW, this was also the day of Bode Miller's last race.



beaver creek jim and bud (2).jpeg

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