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Congrats to Killington.

I doubt SR will be challenging them very often moving forward.  I believe they have shifted philosphies with regards to midstation only skiing and that is now out.  That is not to say the midstation won't be a loading option early season, but it sounds like they don't want to open without a "serviceable" TTB route open.  We'll see if they stick to that if Ma Nature stays uncooperative.  

Loon made snow down as low as Grand Junction this week on a lot of terrain several nights.  But their first night, they couldn't get that low.  We need a deeper shot of cold after this week's rebound, sooner the better.  K may be open, but the WC is in jeapardy right now.

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Looks like we've hit a bit of a speed bump.

K still going strong and ready for WC.

Sunday River chugging along. Although their report from today is pretty honest and funny. 

Cannon pushed out to 12/3

Rest of NH is staying non-committal. 

Jay is doing a special day on 11/26 then targeting full opening on 11/27.

Next week is looking colder.


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Pass holders only on the first day of operations seems to be a growing trend at more resorts. A few years ago, that "treat" usually was reserved for when early season conditions were so bad that a resort couldn't justify charging day ticket prices. Is it now a marketing ploy to sell more passes?

Waterville has not updated their snow report since November 3rd, but they did post a snow making update yesterday on FB about firing up more guns. It seems strange they are not at least projecting first weekend of December by now, given Loon opens this weekend and Cannon has a tentative date of the the 3rd.

Normally, I wouldn't care about WV, but I have two Indy tickets to burn and early season seems about the only good use for them at WV. 😆

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