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Any deals on Bretton woods, no more cyber Monday? Not being on any pass in the NE makes them off limits at $110 a day, BOOOOO.

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I always bought 2,  4 packs for my family and I to go to BW 2 days a year, since we are pass holders elsewhere.  But now that they don't offer any deals we don't go.  Why are they the hold out spot in the North East to get on a real pass or to at least offer deals to the outsiders?  Because they can?  Well they don't get my $ and I know of 4 other family's that now don't go as well.  Must be more.  That's not how the future of skiing works.  

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Because they can, as you said.  BW is on the ski NH tickets, so if they have some you can find discounts there, but i would imagine they are sold out by now.

I think BW, like loon, are pretty high demand NH spots that don't necessarily need to be on larger pass programs (although loon is via the boyne connection) to make the season.  I know plenty of families that are big BW fans, despite the cost.

Nothing against you, but I dont think BW will miss you and the other families $...there will be others in line.

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5 hours ago, Jimmy T said:

Oh OK that's very limiting I was thinking a real pass the Icon or Epic. 

Strange how far we've come in just a few years. Three years ago, a multi-mountain season pass with four ski areas (two over 2k vert) all within an hour of each other was pretty good. Now, it doesn't even count as a real pass. 😁

Kidding aside, I think this is unfortunately the future of skiing for most skiers. Instead of being able to find deals to ski all over the place, people are going to get locked into their pass mountains only. Deals and value priced passes are going away (or, at the least, changing in value... such as the former Mad Card at MRG). I'd be surprised if there are any 2k vert areas left under $100 walk up rate within two more seasons.

BW is not the only hold out on major passes. Smuggs isn't on anything yet. I don't think Bromley is either. Of course, MRG will never go multi pass (the Indy wouldn't work for them at all, their current model is limiting visits and encouraging pass sales, not increasing low yield visits). The College areas (Dartmouth and Middlebury) are not on multi passes. Nor are Jiminy, Gunstock and Ragged, last time I checked. Jay is on the Indy, but not Burke. BMOM and Abram are mid-sized hold outs. And a lot of the smaller areas are not on anything.

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