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Posting ski and snowboard reviews

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I've just rolled out the first cut of a new feature to more easily enable you to post ski reviews and information. There is now a specific section to submit topics for specific skis.


You'll be asked to include detailed information on each ski which in turn can be used to filter the submissions. We can fine-tune what fields are appropriate to include in the database. After submitting an entry, a new thread will be generated in the ski gear review forum which we can used to bicker amongst ourselves. Other users can also post their own reviews and ratings for each ski in the review section. In this regard we can hopefully build a detailed resource.

Once again this will be a wiki-style community curated resource the ski area guides. Let's try to not have duplicate entries. Instead edit and contribute to a single entry for each model of ski.

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I seeded the reviews with several brief ones. Please go ahead and contribute ones of your own. Remember that we're trying to keep things combined to one entry per ski model, but I encourage you to expand the existing entries.

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