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Camden Snow Bowl

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My family and I just spent a few days this past week in Camden, Maine. After doing some research on pinkbike and McNemba, my son and I decided we really needed to ride at the Snow Bowl. We ended up going twice. The first day, we primarily rode the main area, and the second day we explored the newer, Goose River area.

The main area on the mountain, as you can guess, is a lot of climbing and downhill. We started the day by climbing the Red Trail. This is some serious, technical climbing. I have to say, it was mainly hike-a-bike for us. The combination of steepness and tech meant we spent more time pushing our bikes rather than riding. However, once we reached the top, we were treated with a ride down Dreadnaught. This is a really fun, flowy downhill trail with perfect berms and jumps. I would have loved to ride it more than once, but the climb up Red Trail was a one-and-done deal for us. We spent the rest of the time exploring the other "easy" trails on the main mountain. We finished by riding the techy G5 connector and Fitzy over to the Goose River area and taking the road back to the ski area parking lot.

The next day, we decided to explore the newer, Goose River area. This area is slightly tamer than the main mountain, but I have to say there's still plenty of climbing and tech on these "easy" trails. For this ride, we parked at the ski area and took the road to and from the trail system. Once we got on the trails, we started by riding the perimeter and then spending the rest of the time exploring all the connector trails on the interior. Our favorite trails in this area were Drop Kick heading in, Goose Fat/Goose River in both directions, and Lollipop Loop in both directions. We saw plenty of flags to indicate they may be adding even more new trails to this area.

The trails here are all classic, New England mountain biking with lots of rocks and roots, some punishing climbs, and ridiculously fun downhills. It's definitely worth bringing your bike or renting one to ride this system if you are in the area. We stopped at Maine Sport Outfitters to get a printed map ($2 donation) and some info on the trails. The guy in the shop was friendly and honest about the difficulty of the Red Trail climb, but correctly said it would be worth it for the ride down Dreadnaught.

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