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Max Pass Thread - 2017 / 2018

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On 2/12/2018 at 11:33 AM, MassNerd said:

...of course this plan hinges on Max Pass letting your use your pass at more than one mountain in a single day.  I didn't see anything prohibiting this on their website. The reason I have doubts though is, as we discussed earlier in this thread, it seems like Max Pass pays the mountains ~$60 after you redeem one of your days.  This trip would result in Max Pass paying out $240 on my behalf for a single day of skiing. So I could see how they'd want to restrict it.  I could ask on their Facebook page, or maybe it's not something that's easy to restrict and drawing attention to it would be a bad idea...

Thoughts?   Anyone every use the Max Pass for more than one mountain in a single day?


I can confirm that you can use your Max Pass at more than one mountain per day :)

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10 hours ago, MassNerd said:

I can confirm that you can use your Max Pass at more than one mountain per day :)


How did it go?

Sorry I couldn't jump on and join you. The past few weeks have been crazy for me.

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 So I am traveling for work the next 2 weeks and with multiple closures upcoming, my season is effectively over. Here is a recap of my season. How'd everyone else do?

Killington - 5 days: 1/15, 2/10, 2/17, 2/18, 3/11,

Loon - 4 days: 11/18, 12/3, 12/17, 3/25

Tremblant - 3 days: 13-15 Mar

Pico - 2 day: 12/30, 3/12

Okemo - 2 day: 12/10, 12/29

Windham - 2 day: 1/20,  1/21

Wachusett: 2 days: 1/11, Another night I didn't record the date

Belleayre - 1 day: 4/8

Attitash - 1 day: 1/28, Off Max pass, but had a free lift ticket

Wildcat - 1 day: 1/29, Off Max pass, but had a free lift ticket

Over 23 days I got my daily lift ticket cost down to $29.57. This cost factors in discounts I receive on window tickets for being active duty military. I would have to pay $1,690.40 on window tickets vs. $680 I spent on my MAX pass to ski the same amount of days. A worthy investment IMO. It saved me $1,010 (although that analysis is not truly fair because I should be comparing a season pass product to another season pass product, but seeing those numbers still makes me feel good about laying out the early season $$$).

Best Day - Day 2 of my Tremblant skiing with the significant other. We got a great day in together, but also had some much needed alone time. I skied the tree runs on the edge over and over again while she did some eating and walking around the village.

Best Day runner up - 12/30 Pico: I love Pico, I didn't make it up there as much as I wanted too. However, this day the mountain was completely empty considering it was a holiday week. They opened up the outpost for time in the season on 30 Dec and ran it till 4pm (normal closing hour is usually earlier).

I am sad to see the max pass go, but I think I got the most out of it. Getting 23 days while working a 9-5 is tough. I made a lot of solo trips to get my fix, while making 4 social trips.

My biggest regret,s 1) not getting out West. Next year I already have a Utah trip lined up on the IKON pass to make up for that. 2) Not making it to Whiteface/Gore. Probably won't make it over there in the near future since they will not be on the IKON pass next year.

Hope everyone had as great of a season as me. feel free to share.



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Killington - 3. (Hoping to use my last two days). 11/25, 11/26 & 12/20

Loon - 12/8, 2/2, 3/15, 3/28, 4/8, 

Bretton Woods - $25 tix from Expo

Sunapee - 1/7

Attitash - 9 Tues ARL  $100

Sunday River - 1/18, 1/19, 1/20, 3/7, 3/8, 3/9

Wildcat - 1/25  $9 

Sugarloaf - 2/7 - 2/11

Gunstock - 2/23, 3/13  $0.  Love free tix!

Okemo - 3/21

Cannon - 4/11  $25

if my math is correct, $18.08 a day!   

No regrets, just sad to see the season coming to a close.  Already planning next year.  New England Bronze and Ikon.  

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Biggest regret by far is not getting to Whiteface/Gore on the MAX for me too. Second regret is never making it up to Pico either as I have heard such great things.

Still going to hit K a few times in May, so not done yet. I miss the days of living in Maine and skiing SL 30x a year. Boston and a more regular job is a lot less fun in that regard... Sigh.

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I figure I got 9 legit uses out of the pass (counting the 5 in one day as just 1 day and a bunch of half days where I would have gotten 50% with my Wachusett pass anyway).

I got the add-on only so that's <$37 a use so definitely money well spent.  I'll miss it. Only the add-on makes sense for me at this stage with the family and no such deal with the other multi-passes.

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