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Camden Snow Bowl 1/6

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Ski the sea!


Had a great day at Camden Snow Bowl. The cold was manageable and the mountain hid well from the artic wind today. The mountain skis much bigger than its 850 ft vert and the view is spectacular (photo doesn't do it justice).




Got on the hill around 1030 and the sun was even out a little.




Conditions were a bit windpacked and I appreciate they left pretty much everything open even with some branches poking through. It's gnarly New England skiing on the craggy Maine coast.


Favorite trail was Lookout on the skier right which has the best view (oh yeah duh) but it opens and closes with trees and teases the drop down out of bounds - a Nordic trail collects down there but didn't venture down. There was plenty to do inbounds and the series of glades starting with Top Sail had off and on breakable crust which was fun challenge. The Lift line trail was fun too and some youngsters were hucking ice crusted rocks at top and a cat track grooming out a narrow line of soft packed pow at the bottom.


The old A frame lodge is super cool but space seems misused and the fire place that's filled in would definitely make it cozier. Food service is on point. They have everything and it's cheap and delicious and homemade tasting.


Cons -

No beer in the lodge!

The triple was pretty slow.


Otherwise I definitely recommend and will absolutely make a point to return. It seems like the kind of place that gets better the better you know it.


Also they gave me a preseason price $33 because sorry it was cold I guess? Thanks Camden!










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16 hours ago, Flying Yeti said:

Love seeing reports from places that don't get a ton of attention. Good stuff!

me too! If we ever get a generally crappy conditions hardpack day, I wouldn't mind a group road trip to hit up a couple of these smaller hills in Maine. They're on my bucket list but are hard to justify the drive.

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