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Ryan's Beer Thread

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Well being stuck in the Cleveland area i did get to explore a few breweries.

https://www.greatlakesbrewing.com/  good Imperial IPA 9.5%

https://www.marketgardenbrewery.com/ good nitro Stout and a couple of nice IPA's. They also had a 15.5% Belgian Quad

http://brimbrewery.com/ - Wasn't impressed - over priced 

http://www.willoughbybrewing.com/ - good Imperial stout - Nut Smasher 11.5% (also had a coconut version)

https://bookhouse.beer/home/ Great English Pale Ale wife liked the Key lime Gose

http://nanobrewcleveland.com/ - limited selection had way more guest taps than their own (6) Nothing stood out


Also went to 3 wineries. 1 fancy 1 laid back 1 in the middle

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10 hours ago, Benski said:


Someone sent me this by mistake. Any guesses at how good the beer is. I guess he other person home brews

It looks good, Id Try it for sure !

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They made some really great stuff. They are in a tough spot to get to, across from Kayam Hot Dogs in Chelsea. It was a nice tap room though.

Sad news from Mystic:
I really liked their stuff.

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So, I had all but given up on Treehouse. Too much of a pain in the ass for me to get there. Don't dig on waiting in lines for beer given there's a lot of great breweries where you don't have to do that.

Problem resolved. A good friend recently took a job there. Visited this weekend with a nice delivery


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