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1/14/2018 Kingdom Trails fat bike

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In 24 hours the White Mountains got ~2” of rain and then the temp dropped 40degrees. We still planned to snowboard somewhere today but it was hard to get motivated. It was 9 degrees, my driveway was a hockey rink, and the wind was swaying the maples.[mention=54]ABV[/mention] was trying to coax us up to Cannon. I assumed that we would eventually get there. I brewed a second pot of coffee and browsed social media to avoid getting started. That's when I stumbled on Kingdom Trails IG post. Which said this.....
"Mind blowing unbelievable conditions"??? I knew Cannon wasn't going to have that! So we loaded up the bikes instead of the boards. The drive up was gorgeous bluebird and it was nice to be in the warm truck looking it at the frigid landscape. The highway conditions in VT were characteristically crappy vs NH. We got to KT around 11am. The parking lot was mostly full with a mix of bikers and Nordic skiers. It was still only 9 degrees.
Even in the blazing sun the exposed trails were cold where the wind rolled across the fields. The woods cut the wind and took the edge off. KT's report was no joke, conditions were perfect! The rain had firmed the base up solidly, and an inch of snow on top fused into the hardpack to create phenomenal traction. It was our first time at KT. I felt stupid for never getting before. I've had so many friends try to get me there and I always put it off. Everything they had told me is true. The trails are flowy and fun. The climbs are challenging but not tortuous. There are always choices and options to suit your desires. We did a perfect loop of windy descents, climbs, and flats. We saw deer on the trail. We meet friendly riders, skiers, and snowshoers. When we finished it was still 9 degrees. We popped into the bike shop at the trail head. WHAT? They have espresso, Fiddlehead on tap, and hot sandwiches. In a bike shop! Is this heaven? We ended up buying a season pass for KT. Gonna need to make up for lost time.
And then to put a cap on it, there's the fact that Schilling's is only 30min South, and is on the way home. Kind of have to stop.
All in all the silver lining of the shitty weather this week is that it forced me out of my routine. So glad to "discover" an awesome place.
Some woods, some fields, some tasty beer......0e74bd31156804c72d64d9c5e299e2b7.jpga3f9dd9381eba32a4168fb4718eaa2b5.jpg50d216255d5af3e2a604cdb8e4ade2dd.jpg8059da6b35ae2ac13508f962a91a5185.jpg

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