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Run down of my portion of the trip:

Jan 28 - Faloria, sunny and beautiful. Went out to get oriented with the region.

Jan 29 - Tofana, sunny and beautiful. Off-piste conditions highly variable from packed powder to breakable crust to bottomless slop to creamy corn, depending on elevation and exposure. We hired guides to take us off-piste all day.


Jan 30 - Sella Ronda, sunny and beautiful. Marathon 5-6 hour ski circuit. Got shuttled over from Cortina. Impossible to convey the scale of the interconnected ski area. YUGE!!! It's like skiing a circle around the entire White Mountains, except even bigger.


Jan 31 - Kronplatz, sunny and beautiful. German speaking huge area. Most runs were 4,000 vertical feet and almost 5 miles long. The run opposite the World Cup course is crazy steep (more than anything I ever have seen) and has an alternating double fall line that makes me feel like a pinball.


Feb 1 - Faloria, powder day #1. I really wanted to go far away again, but the roads sucked and I had a rental car. If you've never seen this mountain roads, it is hard for me to convey what a bad idea it would have been to drive anywhere, so I walked to the lift. Visibility up top was no good and I immediately got vertigo skiing above tree line. Stuck to the middle mountain where trees surrounding the trails helped to give the snow definition. I spent a lot of time in the lower to mid mountain trees.


Feb 2 - Faloria, powder day #2. Roads still sucked. I barely got the rental car returned a few blocks away, then walked to the list. Even deeper snow than the day before. The mid to upper mountain trees were amazing. Above tree line skiing was very difficult not because of snow conditions, but flat light giving no definition to the surface. I ended up off-piste multiple times without even realizing it. Once you got lower to where darker trees gave definition, the skiing was unbelievably good. Best ski day of my life.


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7 minutes ago, Jcb890 said:

What were they "arrested" for and what kind of trouble did they get in?

Seriously, arrested by the legal definition. He was handcuffed, brought down on a snowmobile, and detained for a few hours. He skied in an avalanche zone, came out too close to an injured skier that was down, then didn't stop when yelled at to do so. He ran from them for three runs until he was caught. They pulled his pass and released him with a 50 Euro fine.

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