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Prez Weekend 2018 WV and western PA

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I enjoyed skiing at Canaan Valley Resort, WV with on Saturday 2/17/18. Drove through 4-6” new snow up to Laurel Mountain area on Saturday evening. Saw very slick driving along the way on RT 219 near Deep Creek Lake/Wisp ski area in western MD. Fun day with friends on fresh snow at Laurel Mtn, PA on Sunday 2/18, but limited terrain. Persevered through rain Monday morning 2/19 at Seven Springs, PA for some fun, dryer PM skiing on soft snow. Virtually no lift lines at all places due to timing and weather.

Canaan Valley, WV

Copy of DSCN2263.JPG


Laurel Mountain

Copy of DSCN2283 - Copy.JPG

Copy of DSCN2672.JPG

Copy of DSCN2743.JPG

Copy of DSCN2355.JPG

Copy of DSCN2339.JPG

Copy of DSCN2273.JPG

Copy of DSCN2794.JPG

Copy of DSCN2792.JPG

Copy of DSCN2741.JPG


Seven Springs

Copy of DSCN2829.JPG

Copy of DSCN2836.JPG

Copy of DSCN2476.JPG

Snowfall at Canaan Valley, WV

Copy of DSCN2266.JPG

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