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Inspired by SkiBearded, I went on my own 5 mountain challenge today (March 19th, 2018).

I took advantage of the Max Pass to ski  Pico -> Killington -> Okemo -> Stratton -> Wachusett all in one day.  I wasn't sure what to expect going into it. I wasn't planning for it to be fun, but I think the key was mid-week skiing. With no lines, one hour at each mountain was enough to get in some quality runs! Weather was cold (16F at start) but the conditions were excellent and I had a great time doing this.

The goal going in was to ski from the top of each mountain at least once. I ended up doing better and made up some new goals along the way like: Ski at least 5000ft vertical at each mountain and ski bumps and trees at each (Wachusett was a dusk, so just barely snuck a tree run in).

So, 34 skiing miles and 34,484ft of vertical later, I'm a very satisfied guy. Great idea @SkiBearded!. I had an amazing adventure!









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