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Ahh spring and our fancy lightly turns to thoughts of...

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I'm expecting to see some other reports and pics from this weekend.

March 31, 2018 at Burke had all the makings of a spring day, but like a reluctant lover Burke just wouldn't quite give it up.  9am was blazing sun and close to 30 degrees, all the making for a hot sweaty session.  But it instead it was some frigid, scary hardpack that sent us back to the car for another beer(s). We tried again at 10:30.  A little love and responsiveness here and there, but still rejected by teeth-chatteringly firm conditions.  We didn't want to force it, we knew it couldn't be on our terms.  Another couple of beers, some lunch, and some stalling with a climb up this huge erection at the summit.....



Finally our foreplay coaxed some warmth and softness out of Burke.  As always, the bush was Burke's sweet spot.



What a day it was.  And although we felt redeemed, Lyndonville redemption offered even more....



April 1, 2018 at Loon.  We've all been there.  Once you put in the groundwork, the flood gates open.  It was the day after, it didn't makes sense to force the issue.  Sunrise came and went. Coffee flowed.  The heat of the spring sun took it's time to coax the day. And then it was all in.  There were probably children hunting eggs and chasing bunnies somewhere. But at South Peak it was soft, smooth, solitary, and sensuous.  When it's an open invitation, don't ask, just enjoy. 



Happy Spring to all the passionate people!

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Saturday at Mount Snow was fantastic, deep corn harvesting and warm bluebird skies. Top it off with selected bevys from Vermont. Farnum 14th Star Lost Nation and Trapps to name a few.

Sunday, well it started off with heavy snow for about 45 minutes tapering off to flurries then blowing out to bluebird skies again. Mid to upper mountain was hard and fast till noon then second servings of corn. Great weekend. This was our second Fools day at Snow when it has snowed, last year was for several inches, this year, just a dusting. 1e09cf013d94b049f438a6ee7c5ced2e.jpgad026bcbd22772bdb8bdb895cfcefebd.jpgffe13b5745105145e9e1ad11f684417d.jpg

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